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I found this biography in the 1877 Atlas of Lafayette County, Mo. pg. 40. in Salt Lake this last month.

I am assuming this is Elizabeth Botkins daughter of Charles and Jemima. Anyone have any input?

Charles Davis:

The subject of this sketch was born September 1797 near the south branch of the Potomac River in Virginia. He was the eldest son of George and Elizabeth (Botkins) Davis. At an early age, he with his parents moved to Peck (PIKE?) County, Ohio. His father, George Davis enlisted in the War of 1812 from Ross county, Ohio serving as a private in the Company of Captain Thomas Renick and Colonel Thomas Freeman's Ohio Militia from July 26th to August 26th, 1813 then on the roll of Thomas Freeman from September 5, 1813 to January 31, 1814.

After the war, Mr. George Davis and family moved to Saline county 1818, no doubt, he received a grant of land in this county for his services. He is listed in Saline County history of 1881 as having the fruit bearing orchard when others came to the Petite Soux Plains.

Mr. George Davis and his son Charles Davis helped organize the township of Saline County.

Charles Davis returned to Chillicothe, Ohio and married Sallie Kennedy May 9, 1822, the daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy who was born in 1805. They returned by boat to Arrow Rock, Mo. and then overland to Grand Pass township. Then in 1840 he moved with his family to Lafayette county, M. and to a large farm he had purchased. He also served as postmaster for a number of years at Good Hope.

He and his wife were blessed with a large family: Charles Jefferson Davis, John Botkins Davis, James Kenton Davis, Joseph Davis, George Davis, Anna Belle Davis Byrd, Julia Davis Owens, Eliza Wodin Davis Owens, and Mary Jane Davis Malone.

Mr. Charles Davis had the following brothers and sisters: Juliet who married John Kenton; George Davis, Jr.; Mary who married Payton Estes; Nancy who married 1st Timothy VanRough and 2nd Isco Poorman; and Margaret married Richard Malone.

[Timothy Bancroft / John Poorman]


Another Post:

I just discovered your research on George Davis and Elizabeth Botkin (Bodkin). They are my ggg grandparents. I have some questions on the dates of Elizabeth Curl Botkin since I can't get her birth and marriage dates to line up with those of her children. My line follows down from George Davis b. abt 1768, Charles Jefferson Davis (Davies) b. 1797, John Botkin Davies b. 1824, Leon Bradley Davies b. 1867, Lillian Bertley Davies (my grandmother) b. 1873.

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