Friday, January 01, 2010

1850 Census - Nancy Davis Bancroft Poorman?

Nancy owns land worth $3500.00
She was born in Ohio
*That agrees with what I have learned about George Davis

Members of the Household:

Martha Johnson 24
Nancy Foreman 43
Eliz Bancroft 23
Presley Bancroft 20
Timothy Bancroft 19
George Bancroft 18
Juliet Bancroft 17
Malvina Foreman 16
Nancy Foreman 15
John Foreman 14
John J Johnson 13
Harvey Dillon 29
Marshal Cook 26
James Blake 22
George Buel 20

Her last name is listed as Foreman instead of Poorman
*Sounds similar

The name of the Foreman children match 3 out of 4 with the names listed for the Poorman family in the emails from

In 1850 she was 45 years old.
*That agrees with the 1830 census

Eliz, 23, would be the right age for the 1830 census as a female child
There would have to be some children who died in between Eliz and Presely.
Presely would be the right age for the 1830 census as a male child.

Don't know who the Johnson's and the others are? Hired help?
Martha could be Timothy and Nancy's oldest who is married or was married to a Johnson. John Johnson a step son?


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