Saturday, October 17, 2009

Family Maps of Clay County, Missouri

Family Maps of Clay County, Missouri, Deluxe Edition
Author Name: Boyd, Gregory A. $32.95

The Family Maps series of Land Patent Books are published county by county, state by state, for original settlers whose purchases are indexed in the U.S. Bureau of Land Management database. For the first time, you can locate your ancestor's federal land purchase by simply finding them in a surname index, then an all-name index, which directs you to a map of first-land-owners. And now you can learn who your ancestors' neighbors were! The Family Maps books are a helpful visual reference tool that make your federal lands research easier than ever. 226 pages, with 62 total maps. There are 3 maps for each of the 19 Congressional townships that make up Clay County. Each Township has a Patent Map, Patent Index, Road Map, and a Map we call an Historical Map, which includes Waterways, Watercourses & Railroads. The Road and Historical Maps also include the City-centers and cemeteries that can be found at There is also a Surname/Patent Index and a Surname/Township Index to help you dive into the right area of the County.

Bancroft and Davis included

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