Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Clues from First Two Letters

Basic Clues from the first 2 letters

John Parlin
Tyngsboro MS
January 3, 1834
Mailed January 4, 1834 or 25th, ‘4

To: Timothy Bancroft
Liberty, Clay County, Missouri

From:B Bancroft [probably Benjamin]
Friend and Brother
April 29, 1834
Wethersfield Springs
Mailed May 1-
To: Timothy Bancroft
Liberty, Clay County, Missouri

Tyngsboro’ = Tyngsboro, Massachusetts
Middlesex County

Mr Timothy Bancroft’s Mum and John Parlin’s grandmother

Moses and wife and children

John Parlin’s Uncles/aunts: Clement and Phebe
Uncle Jonathan
Uncle Benjamin
Aunt Jones
Uncle S________
Uncle Swan

Siblings?? - jones family :
Timothy w/Uncle Benjamin [probably timothy jones Benjamin ?]
Sarah and Daniel Adams J [probably j for jones]

B Bancroft lived in Wethersfield 10 years @ 1834
2 children
Martha Bayden 3 years b. 1831
Mary Caroline, 3 months b. January 1834
Census 1830 MA
B - mother is 85 years old @ 1834 April 19 OS


Mrs. Swan
Mr. Ingalls
Daniel Howard,
Mercy Maria,
Isaac Bancroft,
Jonathan Coburn,
and a younger -,

James Parkin
3 boys
George Newton
Newton – a place [as well]

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